Production Services

Virtual Reality Previsualisation

Utilising the latest in Virtual Reality. Unleashing creative freedom in Design & Developing conceptual layout of Characters, Environments, Props and Animation. Allowing you to experience an idea from the inside. 

3D Modeling / Digital Sculpting & Texturing

Industry standard for 3D Modelling. High Resolution models for VFX, Entertainment, Film, Prototypes, Environments & Digital Sculptures.

Animation & Rigging


Quality animation to deliver your idea to the screen. Proficient creation of Animation Rigs for Digital Props and Characters. Procedurally driven Animation for flexibility and fine tuning the look you want. 

HDRI Capture

High Dynamic Range Image Capture for Digital environment lighting and colour correction. Fast and Affordable, delivering the PBR lighting for your production. 

3D Scanning & Cleanup

3D scanning and Cleanup of Digital Assets. The ability to capture an object and use it digitally or 3D print for Rapid Prototypes. 

3D Printing & Rapid Prototypes

Anycubic Photon Head scan

Leading edge 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping. Large scale and small scale. Specialising in Practical Suit building, Prop making, Design and Prefabrication. The ability to deliver pin point accuracy in a solid pipeline. 

Projection Mapping CG Content

The Gold Coast’s leading provider for Projection Mapping 3D content for International and National Clients. Up to 8K. 

Compositing for Film

CGI Compositing and Motion Graphics for Corporate, Film & Indie Film

VFX Supervision & Coordination

Vfx Supervision on set, Data Capture and Referencing. Production logistics and coordination for smooth sailing and solid results.  

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